Anticipation Is In The Air


Anticipation Is In The Air

Anticipation is in the air. Or rather, it’s in the ground.

Anticipation is the seed sown into our soil that is necessary for growth. Without anticipation what’s the point? We show up because we expect something tangible.

We want more than entertainment. Maybe we’re curious. Maybe we know there is more. Either way, we co-create when we make our seed of anticipation available to be watered and fed with perfect Truth and perfect Grace in perfect Union with Jesus. You never know what God has in store for you unless you make yourself available for it.

Through anticipation and availability, the fruit of experience, encounter, and bliss is sprouted into Life.

Global Celebration School of Supernatural Ministry (GCSSM) has just begun.

Oh, what God will do! It’s gonna be wild, it’s gonna be great, it’s gonna be full of Him! It’s not too late to experience the Living God. Come, join us!

Join us, as we experience a joyful encounter with Jesus every Monday and Tuesday night in Harrisburg, PA, and every Monday and Wednesday night in New York City (Manhattan).

See what one seed of Faith can do. You will never be the same. Anticipation sprouts abundant fruit!

Aren’t you curious to taste and see?  

Karen VangorComment