We are a part-time, non-residential school. Most of our students work full-time jobs. If you have a passion to be transformed and see the world changed by the supernatural power of God, then join us on an exciting journey in Harrisburg, PA or New York City!

Q. How Do I Continue My Enrollment Process?

A. You can continue your enrollment here for Harrisburg and here for New York City

Q. Is there an application fee?

A. There is a $50 application fee for all first year students.

Q. How Can I Pay The Application Fee?

A. For Harrisburg, you can pay here.
For NYC you can pay here.

Please Note: You MUST Apply For Your Unique School Before Paying The Application Fee.

Q. What is the application process?

A. Once we have received your application we will contact you to set up an interview. We will also ask for a personal reference from your pastor.

Q. What are the age requirements?

A. Students must be either: at least 18 years of age or a graduate of high school.

Q. How often will Georgian and Winnie Banov be leading the school sessions?

A. The Banovs have dedicated their schedule to allow them to be in the Northeast for the majority of the school year. They will personally lead 50% of your class sessions.

Q. Will there be housing available for out of town students?

A. No official housing is offered. In some circumstances, church families will rent rooms to students in need. All housing is provided on a case-by-case basis. If you are looking for housing, make a note of it on your application or in your interview. Be sure to cover your bases by pursuing the commercial housing market, as well.

Q. Do I need to be a member of Life Center Ministries International in order to attend the school?

A. No. We are accepting students from all different churches and encourage you to remain active in your home church.

Q. Where does the school meet?

A. In Harrisburg, PA, Global Celebration’s School of Supernatural Ministry meets at Life Center Ministries International. In New York City, we meet in Manhattan at The Father's Heart Ministries.

Q. When does the school meet?

A. Our sessions are held 2 nights per week (In Harrisburg - Monday and Tuesday nights; and, in NYC - Monday and Wednesday nights), with treasure hunts and celebration outreaches scheduled on Saturdays.

Q. What will the homework look like?

A. Students will have required reading and monthly written homework assignments.

Q. Who are the guest speakers?

A. While Georgian and Winnie Banov will be the primary speakers, they will be supplemented by our local GCSSM pastoral staff. We will also host internationally known and respected guest speakers. Some of our previous guest instructors include Eric Johnson, Todd White, Kris Vallotton, Danny Silk, Dr. Randy Clark, Dr. Brian Simmons, Seth Dahl, Patricia King, Chris Gore, Leif Hetland, Dr. Lance Wallnau, Bob Hartley, Stacey Campbell, Steve & Wendy Backlund, and David Wagner.

Q. How much hands-on training will there be?

A. We believe that practice is essential to grow in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Therefore we create a safe atmosphere to equip the hearts of God’s kids. Each evening session will include a time of activation where you will practice prophesying, healing, intercession and blessing one another to make it a way of life.

Q. How feasible is it for me to work a full-time/part-time job during the school year?

A. This is the perfect marketplace school. Most students work full time jobs throughout their school experience.

Q. Am I allowed to attend if I already have a missions trip planned during the school year?

A. Yes, you are.

Q. Are visitors welcome?

A. Yes, upon request, we allow people to audit a class or two.

* Once the Admissions Committee has reviewed your application, you will be emailed a letter regarding acceptance.