Hello World Changers!

Congratulations you are about to graduate your second year at GCSSM. What a wonderful night of celebration we will have together in closing the 2018-19 school year.

I pray it will be a time we will long remember.

GCSSM 2017-18 grad pic.jpg

Looking ahead to the Fall of 2019, we're very excited to offer you the opportunity to apply to our GCSSM Internship Program. During the past year you have built stronger relationships with leaders and worked to develop your personal vision. During the GCSSM Internship Program it is our goal to help you further develop your calling and walk deeper into your destiny.

A Note From Geo & Coco

Coco and I want to welcome all of those who are considering our internship program. We are excited at the thought of you continuing on in the good news of union with Christ in His finished work and all the freedom and joy that is gifted to humanity as a result of Heaven's action.

We have joined our hearts with the Bethel team in Redding, CA in demonstrating what Heaven on earth looks like and living in a new culture: The Culture of Heaven.

Coco and I encourage all those interested in the 2018-19 internship to select areas of ministry where your giftings will flourish. Choose from areas that ignite your passion and join us in broadcasting the good news in creative and fun ways while being mentored in this message of freedom and unspeakable joy. You are an indispensable link to the future generations: all those who are yet to be born and all those who need to hear the good message that "it is finished." Coco and I are running with you, passing the baton (our treasured 'co') into your hands. We trust you will know what to do with this life changing message. We love you!


Here is how it works:

• Take time to review each internship; the opportunities and responsibilities.
• Submit your first and second choice.
• Fill out your application and submit no later than August 5th.
• You will be contacted for an interview where you can ask questions.
• Internship acceptance must be a mutual agreement between applicant and leadership.

What you can expect from us:

• Encouragement and coaching in your gifts and callings.
• Brave communication.
• Goals set between you and your mentor.
• Help as you take ownership for your own personal growth and vision, as well as inspiration as you serve the vision of Global Celebration.

What we will expect from you:

• Servanthood, faithfulness and accountability in your internship.
• Joy and growth in your areas of gifting, passion and strength.
• Brave communication.
• Ownership of your own personal growth and vision as you serve the vision of Global Celebration.

Prophetic Art: Unlock Your Creativity
with Christy Smith

Discuss, Unveil & Wright the Message with Georgian 
with Georgian Banov 

GCSSM Bliss Mobiles
with Lee Hollenbach

Kingdom Nurturer
with Thor Samuelson

The Message & Missions
with Coco with Winnie Coco Banov

with Denise Nace and GCSSM Team


with Denise Nace

Celebration Days Mentorship
with Chris Parsons 

with Brandon & Morgan Baker

Theology & Diving Into God's Word
with Mitko Dimitrov

Prophetic Development
with Alicia Young

Apostolic & Pastoral Development
with Rich Brink